Petra Gorjup
Regional Dialogue has a very close cooperation with TSUL and value our partnership very highly.
Spela Kowcic
TSUL is a wonderful partner with which RD is very proud to be working. In my first visit I was greeted by kind and very hard working people. Their readiness to actively participate made our job easy and rewarding.
Jim Buchanan
We all engaged in judicial education – the Federal Judicial Center and my new colleagues at the Tashkent State University of Law.
Mira Gur-Ari
Thank you for your warm welcome, hospitality and very hard work. The past few days have been very rewarding for all of us,
David Nuffer
The cooperation of the Tashkent State University of Law in the educational judicial ensure the success of the new reforms.
Хана Умански
Большое спасибо дружному коллективу Центра и Университета за теплый прием и талантливый, трудолюбивый коллектив.
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