The Training department of the Center for professional training of lawyers by international standards under Tashkent State University of Law was established according to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers № 453 on June 14, 2018 “on the establishing measures of center for professional training of lawyer’s by international standards under Tashkent State University of Law”.

The Department is one of the branches of Centre meanwhile it operates coordination of establishing of educational process.   

The main purpose of the Center is organizing educational process effectively in the short-term professional training courses of lawyers by international standards, Retraining courses for legal specialization of professionals with higher education and courses of retraining and improvement qualifications of pedagogical staff in accordance with the curriculums based on modern technologies and advanced international experiences.   

The main tasks of the department are to approve the curriculum in the center and to organize educational process on time in accordance with curriculum, as well as to control listeners’ and analyze the results and eliminate identified deficiencies.

Apart from above, the department ensures that transparency and fairness in the process of the exams in courses, accounting and formalizing the results of all types of exams and declare them to the listeners.

The tasks of organizing The State Attestation for listeners sufficiently, furthermore developing proposals and recommendations to improve the Center's performance are also done by The Department.