Short-term professional training courses

Short-term professional training courses of lawyer’s by international standards

These courses aimed to provide the listeners with the opportunity, knowledge, and skills regarding international investment law, international private law, commercial law, the international arbitration law, enforcement law, advanced advocacy techniques, international search and repatriation of assets, international investigations and anti-corruption legislation and other relevant areas.

As a rule, every year until November 15, according to the demands of ministries and agencies, as well as other organizations, the monthly primary list of the candidates for courses will be formed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the next calendar year.

Reception of the listeners for courses is carried out on the basis of the amount determined by the Ministry of Justice and based on the results of the interview. Interview is held to know knowledge of listeners in the field of international private and public law and also to determine the level of English proficiency. Professional training courses are based on payment-contractual education.

In the learning process, modern interactive teaching methods are used including video conferencing and others. Foreign lawyers and specialists are attracted on a contractual basis for the teaching process.

Besides, lessons on the courses are also conducted by  specialists with experience in international law enforcement, including arbitration, judicial proceedings from foreign legal entities carrying out their activities in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as employees of government agencies and other organizations.

Short-term professional training courses of lawyer’s by international standards are organized on the basis of curriculums prepared with partner foreign legal entities, arbitration institutes and other educational institutions.

In addition, it is planned that listeners who successfully complete the course will be sent to internships in foreign legal entities, international arbitration institutions and other relevant institutions within the period of 2-3 months under the recommendation of the Ministry of Justice.

At the and of the course, listeners will be given certificate by the Ministry of Justice.