The international cooperation

The international cooperation

The Center has established partnerships with a number of authoritative international law firms, international educational institutions and international organizations on the basis of memorandums, and agreements in the field of legal education.

Meanwhile, in the Center, lectures and seminars are conducted by qualified specialists and teachers, as well as highly qualified lawyers and practitioners from famous foreign legal companies around the world such as “White and Case”, “Foley Hoag”, “Merritz”, and “Dentons”.

Currently, the Center carries out work on organization of Short-term professional training courses of lawyer’s by international standards. Particularly, it is planning that this course will be held from November 5 to November 24, 2018. For teaching, the Center offers qualified lawyers and practitioners from famous legal companies such as White and Case, Foley Hoag, Dentons, and Merritz. Together with

In addition, it is planned that listeners who successfully complete the course will be sent to internships in foreign legal entities, international arbitration institutions and other relevant institutions within the period of 2-3 months under the recommendation of the Ministry of Justice.

Foreign partnerships

“Dentons” international law firm

“DENTONS” is an International law firm which has around 160 offices in 66 countries worldwide.

The White and Case International Law Firm

The White and Case International Law Firm was founded in 1901 and now incorporates more than 2,200 professional lawyers in 38 countries in 26 countries worldwide.

The White and Case International Law Firm will help American law firms and other international legal companies to the republic, improve the national legal and consulting services, and strengthen the confidence of foreign investors in our country.


Foley Hoag is a major international legal company and advises countries on legal issues in all areas of business, not only internationally but locally.

This international law firm has extensive experience in investment and commercial arbitrage.

In September 2017, a Memorandum was signed between the Ministry of Justice and the law firm Foley Hoag.

Within the framework of this Memorandum, the parties have been cooperating in the development of the legal field and other issues.


The main direction of the “Merritz” international law firm that has offices in London and Dubai is arbitration and settlement of disputes.

With the help of cooperation with this international legal company, it is aimed at attracting foreign investment to our country, protecting the rights and legitimate interests of investors and raising the reputation of Uzbekistan in the international arena, as well as the qualitative training of specialists.